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Investigation at the Fowler Theatre: Indiana

We investigated the Fowler Theatre on Saturday March 13 with some excellent results.


In 1940, in a small town in Indiana, the Fowler Theatre opened. It was a popular destination back in the day. It was even one of only six theaters in all of the United States to premiere one of the most famous movies of all time, Gone With The Wind (after the December 1939 Atlanta premiere of course). The theatre was a popular destination for movie goers for decades and, today, still shows films during the weekends.

The Hauntings:

The hauntings of the Fowler Theatre are notorious. It is ranked as one of the most haunted locations in Indiana and rarely disappoints when investigated. There are said to be a few ghosts who haunt the old theatre including one man who is possibly the original owner. His apparition has been seen wearing 1940's attire while walking by before disappearing from sight. Items have been moved without an explanation, disembodied voices have been heard (including what sounds like a child), footsteps without a source can be heard, and bright orbs fly through the air.

The Investigation:

We got to the theatre around 11 PM after the theatre closed for the night. Upon walking in, you could feel the energy in the place, ready to show off. After a brief tour we began the investigation. It was slow going in the beginning so we separated a bit to hit a few spots at once in hopes of catching something. I went up the stairs to the projection area and sat in the stairwell by myself for awhile. While sitting there I tried the Spirit Box 7. My K2 began going off as I started my session, it was clear something had shown up. My hands were full at the time with other devices so I was not recording unfortunately as I asked the spirit questions. I asked a series of questions along the line of "Who are you?" "How long have you been there?" etc. but got no answer in reply. Around my 5th question I finally got a response on the SB7, it was simply "Shhhhhh!" So I took the hint and went to another location.

Grumpy Ghost stairwell

Orb caught in the projection area.

My next stop was the lobby. I sat on the bench in the lobby for awhile and just waited to see what would happen. It didn't take long to see shadows cross the room. I snapped the picture below with what looks like an anomaly in the circled section. I also heard footsteps all around and even bagging in the ladies bathroom to my right.

It calmed down a bit after that so I then rejoined the rest of the group in the auditorium. It was suggested that I sit in the original owner's designated seat. I sat down and instantly felt my left side start to go cold. One of the other investigators had a temperature gun and kept it trained on my left side as the temp began to drop. It dropped quite a bit on just the one side, my right side remained much warmer. You can hear the experience in the clip below. It's not a particularly interesting clip as it is just us talking about the temp dropping, but it does show you a bit of what it was like in real time.

The last experience we had was back behind the screen where a spirit of a little boy is said to hangout. We kept hearing what sounded like soft footsteps but nothing more so began to leave. Just as we left the area the other investigator with me felt as though they were grabbed. She turned to ask me what I wanted but I was too far away to have touched her. It was a pretty cool personal experience but nothing was caught on camera at the time.

Though most of our experiences were interactive more so than evidence based, My Haunted Fowler did pick up some great captures on the security cameras as we were investigating and was kind enough to send me this video he made which is below. He has an Instagram, Facebook and YouTube account if you'd like to see more activity at the theatre and the jail.

Courtesy of My Haunted Fowler.

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