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Helltown: Ohio

A ghost town located in Summit County, Ohio is commonly known as “Helltown” due to its paranormal activity. The area has a very dark past with satanic cults, murders, and more occurring within its limits. The government bought the land in the the 1970’s and turned it into a National Park.

Why is it called “Helltown”? Well, the reasons are plentiful. Some claim that there was a chemical spill that was covered up by the government. The spill allegedly caused people in the area to have bizarre mutations. Many of these mutated people were supposedly left there to their own devices. That, of course, is just a legend, but some people claim it to be true.

The cemetery in the area is another spot with ghostly activity. One spirit in particular haunts the grounds by spending the days, and nights, watching and waiting to move on to the next plane perhaps.

Ghostly buses, hearses and more have also been seen in Helltown. Traveling down the former road before disappearing all together. This is definitely a strange place, with a history too bizarre not to hold a least a couple of paranormal specters.

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