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Harpers Ferry

Hapers Ferry has seen a lot in its time. It's been a part of two states; first Virginia then West Virginia during the Civil War. It's the site of an epic abolitionist rebellion led by John Brown in 1859. During this uprising, the abolitionist fought local militia resulting in the immediate deaths of 17 people, while others (including John Brown) were tried and executed for their parts in the raid. Coincidentally, the commander of the US military who fought off and captured John Brown was none other than Robert E. Lee. Another interesting fact, supposedly, John Wilkes Booth was in attendance at the time of Brown's execution.

If the events of the John Brown raid were not enough to make Harpers Ferry a haunted spot, just three years later, in 1862, a fierce battle took place during the American Civil War resulting in very large Union casualties. Because of its location where Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland all meet, Harpers Ferry was a spot both sides wanted to control. The area changed hands quite a bit over the four years of war, and caused a lot of strife along the way.

Today, the lovely Harpers Ferry is a very quiet town with a very small population, but visited by tourists interested in its historical past. Many come to experience the haunted activity said to occur in the area. From the old graveyard to the battlefield, apparitions have often been spotted in Harpers Ferry, including ghostly soldiers. Phantom gunfire, mysterious orbs and even a few disembodied voices have been heard around the town. It is also home to one of the nation's oldest ghost tours which I highly recommend you check out if you are ever in town.


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