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Gold Coast Railroad Museum Investigation

This past weekend I had the unique opportunity to join War Party Paranormal in Miami, Florida for an investigation of the extremely haunted Gold Coast Railroad Museum. Because it is on the grounds owned by the county, and next door to the zoo, investigations are done in a lockdown manor, meaning the gate closes at 5PM and will not open again until 5AM. This makes an investigation that much more spooky, and way more fun.


The museum opened in 1956 but the buildings on the property date back further, to the decade before in fact when it was a Naval base during WW2 known as Naval Air Station Richmond. What's really cool about the base was that the hangers (still there today) housed blimps that were utilized during the war.

Once the base was transitioned into a museum, it began to acquire some fascinating pieces of railroad history. There are steamers, passenger cars, medical cars, and segregated cars just to name a few. By far the most interesting piece of history in the old hanger turned museum is the presidential car named The Ferdinand Magellan. This fancy armored train car was built in1929 and used by President's including: Roosevelt, Truman, and Eisenhower. It was briefly brought back out of retirement in the 1980's when President Reagan used it as a prop for speeches during his reelection campaign.


We arrived at the museum around 5 PM where we began a walkthrough and started going through equipment. War Party Paranormal investigates here quite a bit and so they know the place well. They told me it never fails when it comes to paranormal activity, and they were not exaggerating. It is rare to get the amount of activity we got that night.

While Eric, the lead investigator of War Party Paranormal joined a live stream podcast, I joined the rest of the group for an evp session on the California Zephyr. At the beginning of the investigation we heard a disembodied female voice speaking but couldn't quite catch what she was saying. We then continued with the evp session where we began getting evp's almost instantly with an adamant spirit insisting we leave. It honestly became quite humorous. I have never heard a spirit scream into a voice recorder...until now. The video below gives you an idea of how the session went, but be forewarned there's a lot of profanity, so if that bother's you, you may want to skip it. I don't know what it is about a ghost cussing you out, but it is seriously funny.

After the group session, we broke into pairs to cover more ground. I was honored to investigate with Joe (@joehuntsghosts on Instagram). We started in the medical car where we quickly encountered a couple of spirits also requesting we leave, though not as adamantly.

Following that session we moved to the segregated car where we met a bit stronger spirit with a definite chip on its shoulder. We had K2's, Rem Pods, Voice recorders, spirit boxes, temperature gages, you name it and we had it going. I say this because in the clip below you will hear all of the alarms and sensors going off as you hear what appears to be a child's voice saying something that I can't quite understand. I played it to my followers on Instagram and they all had some great theories on what is being said. Listen below and let me know what you think is being said.

As I said before, we caught so many evp's, more than I have ever caught in one location before. The clip below was taken not long after the child's voice was captured. This spirits voice was seriously strong, actually screaming into the recorder.

In addition to evp's, personal experiences were widespread throughout the night. In the old machine shop on the property I was touched more than once. On the first walk through, I felt a finger stroke down my cheek. I look to the other investigator's and told them what I had experienced. They in turn took a look at my cheek and noticed that my makeup was smeared in what looked like a finger swipe. Later on in the evening when I was investigating with Joe, we both went back in and were again touched. We started hearing noises from all over the room (we kind of became a little rattled) when I felt two hands going up my leg from my ankles to my thighs. The one time I wear shorts on an investigation. This spirit was not one to discriminate against men, however, as Joe began to feel a finger poking him in the back. This went on for a little bit before we decided we needed a break.

The absolute funniest portion of the night was the very end, around 4am or so when we did a group evp session in the dining car. I just observed this session because I was absolutely exhausted by this point, but it quickly woke me. During the session the investigator's were asking random questions, but the only response they were given was "EAT!" Over and over again. No matter the question (or equipment used), "eat" was the answer. It may not sound all that funny if you're reading this, but wait for War Party to release the video, it is hysterical.

The Gold Cost Railroad Museum has been one of my favorite investigations to date. The amount of activity there was off the charts. We had a few theories for this. One being that on the night of the investigation tropical depression Fred was visiting Miami and we had some seriously crazy wind and rain events on and off. I have a quick video of that down below because, why not? Our theory is that the electrical charge and energy from the storm caused the energy in the spirits to manifest. It's a theory, right?

I'm sure War Party Paranormal will have many videos of the night to share, so definitely give them a follow. I didn't have all of my equipment with me because I am pretty sure TSA was already concerned with the amount of electronics I had in my bags, but if I did, there would have been even more evidence captured. I will not hesitate to return to this location if given the chance. I highly recommend stopping by if you're ever in South Florida.

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