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Eastern State Penitentiary

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

In 1829, the state of Pennsylvania began operations of their newest prison called Eastern State. It is a mighty fortress type structure with room to house the worst of the worst of America’s criminals. During its years in operation, Eastern State was known for its tough approach on discipline. The solitary confinement wing was one of the worst aspects of prison life at Eastern State. Prisoners were kept in their cells with only the faintest of lights, left to stew on the crimes alone and uncomfortable.

Over the years, Eastern State housed many famous criminals such as Al Capone. Capone was housed there for less than a year but made such an impression that, to this day, his cell is kept just as he left it so many years ago. The prison closed around 1970 and was left to sit just as it does today.

Many people from across the world love to visit Eastern State due to its ghostly activity. It is one of the most haunted places in the world, covered by documentaries and paranormal shows alike. Common activity at Eastern State includes numerous orbs, evp, shadow men gliding around stalking the living, feelings of touching from unknown sources, cold spots and even silhouettes of spirits who still remain. Being as this was a place that housed many of the worst kind of criminals known to man, some of these spirits are not so nice. Some visitors even claim that certain areas in the penitentiary have a demonic vibe.

I visited Eastern State a few years back and I can tell you, this place has a paranormal vibe. As soon as you enter the cell blocks, it’s clear that you are not alone. I highly recommend checking Eastern State Penitentiary out if you’re even in Philadelphia.

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