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Dog Face Bridge: Indiana

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Dog Face Bridge is a popular haunted spot not far from my home in Indiana. Legend states that in the 1950's, a couple was driving over a bridge in San Pierre, Indiana when a dog ran out across the bridge in front of them. The man, who was behind the wheel, swerved in an attempt to avoid hitting the dog but, sadly, to no avail. All three of them were killed in the accident, which resulted in the couple's car careening off the side of the bridge and into the swampy area below.

Not long after the accident, visitor's to the area reported hearing strange noises, almost like animal grunts and snorts coming from the bridge. People reported being chased through the area by an unseen force, one of which felt decidedly evil.

A decade or so after the accident, the first report came in of actually seeing the previously unseen force. It was said that the creature was a hybrid woman/dog type apparition, which is where the nickname Dog Face Bridge came from.

Though almost 70 years have gone by since the accident occurred, and the road and bridge are no longer passable by cars, paranormal enthusiasts from all over come in hopes of encountering the terrifying specter of Dog Face Bridge. Often times, they are not disappointed.

Reports of phantom gun shots, intimidating disembodied voices, a woman's scream, and even chases have occurred as recently as this summer. Many go to the area thinking its all just a legend but leave fearing for their lives.

This is not the place to encounter a happy ghost. This entity is angrier than most, which could make for a really terrifying experience.

Even though it is pretty close to my house, I've actually never been. Visitor's have to hike for quite a ways in some high grass to get to the bridge. Even though I'm not afraid of ghosts, I am afraid of snakes, so I think I may hold off for awhile. If you've ever been however, I would love to hear your experience because everyone I have talked to has experienced some form of paranormal activity here.


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