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Congress Plaza Hotel: Chicago

The Congress Hotel in Chicago has been housing travelers since the days of the Wold Fair back in the 1890's. It has seen a lot in its almost 130 years of existence. At least nine presidents have stayed at the Congress including both Teddy and Franklin Roosevelt. In the 1920's a different kind of guest stayed at the Congress. The mobsters associated with Al Capone's south side gang. Al Capone himself even lived on the 8th floor for a time. It is thought that the men who carried out the St.Valentine's Day massacre were staying at The Congress when the infamous incident occurred.

With its long history, there were bound to be ghosts, and sure enough, there are. Many ghosts in fact. The 8th floor is said to be haunted by Al Capone. It is thought that his ghost is hanging around, still scheming almost a century later.

Another ghost in the hotel is that of a homeless man who wanders the hotel, playing tricks on the guests and staff. He is a mischievous spirit who really appreciates a practical joke.

In one of the ballrooms, a female ghost is said to haunt the place. She tends to show up during weddings hosted in the location. She does her best to get noticed by moving objects around.

The most haunted location in the Congress is room 441. The ghost in this room is not friendly. Its supposedly a female ghost who can be aggressive with the guests in the room.

If you are ever in Chicago and want to stay in a historic hotel with a few ghosts, the Congress is your place. It is right on Michigan Avenue, next to Grant Park, so you would be in a good location.

Photo By Stokkete


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