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Chickamauga Battlefield: Georgia

On September 18, 1863 a battle broke out on the very northwest corner of Georgia, right at the base of Lookout Mountain. This was a viscous battle between the Union and Confederate armies during the American Civil War. When the battle came to a close on the 20th of September, almost 4,000 men lay dead. Of the roughly 125,000 men who engaged in this battle, about 34,000 were listed as casualties. This rate of loss was second only to the infamous battle of Gettysburg that took place two month earlier.

Like with most battlefields, there is word of lingering spirits still hanging around the scene of battle. One of the most interesting ghosts to haunt the battlefield is the headless horseman. He apparently rides around the battlefield looking for his head which was lost in battle so many years ago. Other apparitions have also been seen roaming the park, some engaged in battle unaware of the visitors around them; while others do their best to interact with the living. Flickering lights (the kind that would appear to be coming from rifles or cannons), are seen by visitors. Sounds of battle, cries of agony and disembodied voices are also commonly reported. Orbs and mists have been captured along with EVP's.

I lived in Georgia for 9 years, and have visited this battlefield many times. This is a wonderful place to visit with a lot of historical information. If you go, make sure to keep a look out, you just may get a paranormal experience!

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