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Camp Chase: Ohio

Camp Chase is located in Columbus, Ohio. At the beginning of the Civil War, Camp Chase was established first as a place for regiments to train before heading to the front lines for battle. Camp Chase soon became a military prison for Confederate soldiers captured during battles. It is estimated that roughly 25,000 prisoners (not all at once) of war were held here during the four years of the Civil War.

As with most prison camps during the 1860's, the conditions were less than ideal. Illness quickly swept through the camp leading to at least 2,000 prisoners deaths. These prisoners of war were buried in a newly formed cemetery on the camps land simply known as Camp Chase Confederate Cemetery.

The cemetery is said to have quite a bit of paranormal activity. The most famous ghost in the cemetery however is not a soldier, but a woman. She wanders through the cemetery mourning the dead. She is known as the "Lady in Gray." Many think that she lost her significant other at the prison camp and is now spending eternity looking for him. She has a solemn look about her as if she is in anguish due to this soldiers deaths. On more than one occasion, visitors have reported hearing a woman crying, but have not seen the woman herself. Other times, she is seen but not heard. Who ever she is, she is heartbroken at the loss of one or more of these long dead men.

Other paranormal experiences at the camp and cemetery include phantom soldiers both Union and Confederate, flying orbs, ghostly shadows and mists, and disembodied voices.

Photo by: Lee Reese

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