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Bethlehem Works: Pennsylvania

Bethlehem Steel was a company who thrived from the early 1900's, through two world wars, before ultimately bankrupting in the early 2000's due to increased steel imports. Going even further back, the Pennsylvania site was originally the Bethlehem Iron Company, opening in 1857, Being a steel worker is incredibly dangerous (being the wife of a steel worker, I know this all too well) but even more so back when the Bethlehem Works location, in the Lehigh Valley, opened more than a century ago. There have been many tragic deaths (at least 600 from 1905-1996) that have occurred at the location since its development, leading many to believe it is haunted.

Full bodied apparitions of steel workers have been reported by many people over the years. Several of the steel workers who transferred to my husband's work after the Pennsylvania location's closure, have said that it was pretty well known that the site is haunted. Now that the location is no longer an active mill, it is easier to notice the paranormal activity. Claims of objects moving, ghostly shadows and disembodied voices have all been reported in addition to the full bodied apparitions.

Today, the area is a bit different than it was in its industrial days. The steel stacks are still there, but there is also a casino and hotel. Exploring is probably not encouraged due to the dangers of the old blast furnace, so if you stop by, be sure to check with the owners first.

If you have ever been to the former steel mill, let know, I'd love to hear your story!


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