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Bell Witch Cave and Cabin: Tennessee

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

In Adams county Tennessee sits what is known as the Bell Witch Cave. Legend says that John Bell and his family owned a farm near this particular cave. Around 1816 or 17 the family began to experience strange happenings around their home. Knocking, scratching, and slamming sounds were heard frequently. Things escalated from there, progressively terrifying the family worse with each experience, finally to the point of reaching out to the locals for help. The community concluded that the terror the family was experiencing was due to a neighbor, and a witch, named Kate who had put curses on the family, particularly targeting John. About 3 years after the experiences began, John Bell passed away in 1820 due to what many claim was poisoning by Kate. After John's death, Kate said that she was leaving town but would return every seven years. It's not known if she ever actually returned but the townspeople were always weary.

Over the years, the paranormal activity around the Bell farm and cave has stayed fairly consistent. For 200 years, paranormal enthusiasts have visited the spot in hopes of catching sight of the infamous Bell witch or some kind of ghostly activity. It has spawned many legends, books and even movies. Those who are interested in checking out the site for themselves can visit daily during park hours. It is certainly a site worthy of checking out!

Photo by: Maddi Avery


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