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Beauvoir: Biloxi, Mississippi

In February I visited Mississippi for the first time. I did some research ahead of my visit because I wanted to visit at least one haunted location. I decided on Biloxi and the home of Jefferson Davis, Beauvoir.

Jefferson Davis was a Democratic congressman for the United States before the Civil War broke out in 1861. When the war did begin, Davis chose to remain with his fellow neighbors south of the Mason Dixon line who then appointed him President of the Confederate states. After the war came to a close, with the Confederate defeat by the Union, Davis was imprisioned for a time before essentially fading away to obscurity. He moved to Beauvoir (a former plantation) in the 1870’s. By the early 1900’s, Beauvoir had been transformed into the Jefferson Davis Soldier Home. For almost 50 years, the home cared for a couple thousand Confederate veterans and their families. At least 800 of those veterans are buried there today.

There have been many instances of apparitions appearing at Beauvoir over the years. Some claim to have seen Jefferson Davis while others have seen a woman in a Victorian dress. Some people have taken a picture from the outside of the house only to find later on that there was a ghost watching from the window. Items have moved, footsteps have been heard and EVP has also been recorded at this active site. The most common observance of paranormal activity is that of a rocking chair that rocks often with no one (visibly) in it.

I highly recommend checking out Beauvoir if you’re ever in Biloxi.


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