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Antietam Battlefield: Sharpsburg, Maryland

If you have followed my articles for awhile, you have probably guessed, I am a Civil War nut. I have traveled the United States visiting all of the battlefield's that I possibly can. Many of them are said to be haunted, as is the case with today's spotlight, Antietam.

The battle of Antietam took place on the 17th of September in 1862. It was fought on a single day, but it was a horrible single day. It is said to be the single bloodiest day of battle in the Civil War, resulting in more than 22,000 casualties. The worst part of the battle took place around midday at the Sunken Road; which is often times now called the "Bloody Lane." Here is where the majority of the casualties during the battle occurred. The battle was over before 6 that evening. Over 3,600 men laid dead from both sides, while many more were injured or captured.

Bloody Lane:

Today, Antietam is a National Park; much of it preserved as it was the day of battle with fencing and cannon's strategically strewn about. Reenactment's occur every so often, tourists visit to relive history, and ghost investigator's come to see if they can interact with the spirit of one of the men who fell here almost 160 years ago. As with most battlefield's, Antietam has been said to be a pretty active site for paranormal activity. The most active of sites is "Bloody Lane" where the majority of casualties occurred. Visitor's have reported hearing gun's firing, cannon's booming, apparition's of soldiers, rebel yells and even singing in this location. Another hot spot on the battlefield is near Burnside Bridge. In this location, orbs, bright and clear can be seen, along with apparition's, floating in the air. Screams of agony and cries of pain have also been heard around this location.

Burnside Bridge:

To me, Antietam, along with Gettysburg, are the two most active battlefield's for paranormal encounters. Bonus is that they are an hour apart, so visiting them both is something that can be done. I have been to most of the battlefield's in America, and these two almost always have something ghostly going on. So if you are looking for post quarantine paranormal road trips, this is one to take!

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