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The Queen Mary: Long Beach California

Updated: May 22, 2020

In Long Beach, California sits a permanently docked ship known as The Queen Mary. Now a floating hotel, The Queen Mary was built in the 1930’s. It is comparable in looks to the Titanic which famously sank 20 plus years before The Queen Mary made her debut voyage. This ship was used for transatlantic travel offering its guests grand luxury. In 1939, The Queen Mary became an asset to the Allied powers in WWII. The ship was painted with a gray camo pattern and began transporting soldiers to the sites of battles across the ocean. Following the war, she was restored and sailed as a luxury liner again up until 1967, when The Queen Mary was docked for good in California.

Today, The Queen Mary is not only a hotel but also a destination for paranormal investigators from all over the world. There are several purported locations across the ship in which hauntings are said to occur. Stateroom B340 has come up the most whenever I do research on the haunted ship. It was considered 3rd class in accommodations during its sailing days. Paranormal encounters have been recorded as far back as the 1960’s, with many claiming of knocking at bizarre hours or lights and faucets turning on and off at random. The current owners also have a special package you can book where you can actually stay in this room for the night. Sounds like something I will be doing in the near future!

Besides room B340, there has also been reports of a lady in white who wanders the 1st class areas of the ship. There has also been mention of an engineer who supposedly died while on the ship. It is said that to this day, he still spends some time in the ships engineer room.

The current owners of The Queen Mary seem to embrace the paranormal history of the ship. They offer different packages and tours for those visiting interested in the haunted hot spots on the ship. Since it is also a luxury hotel, it is best to check with staff before conducting any paranormal investigations on your own, just to be safe.


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