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A Ghost Town in Wyoming

Updated: May 5, 2020

We are heading west to Wyoming for today’s haunted location. Wyoming is often overlooked in terms of states but is really a true gem to visit. In northern Wyoming sits the ghost town of Kirwin. It’s in a really remote location in the mountains and surrounded by forests, so it is not the easiest to access. The town was formed in the late 1800’s as a mining town. Even at its height of population, only a couple hundred people resided there. By 1907, the town had suffered several tragedies from explosions in the mine and avalanches leading to the residents to flee the town for good. One man owned the land until the 1930’s. Around that time, famed pilot Amelia Earhart and her husband began construction on a cabin in the town but was never finished when she disappeared midflight in the late 30’s.

Today the town of Kirwin is ran by the US Forest Service to better preserve and conserve the area. Not many have conducted paranormal investigation’s in the area but fortunately a fellow paranormal investigator friend of mine has been lucky enough to visit. She reported successful EVP sessions, disembodied voices as well as unexplained chills.

Kirwin, Wyoming is probably the hardest place to visit that I have featured, but if you are lucky enough to get the chance, go for it. Just make sure you have the proper permission.


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