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St. Augustine Lighthouse

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Today’s post focuses in on the sunshine state. Florida, who doesn’t love Florida? It’s sunny, beautiful and just a bit weird. I visit as often as I can because there is no place I love more than the amazing Florida beaches or a certain mouse near Orlando. This post is not about the popular tourists’ spots Florida has to offer but rather, about a mysterious lighthouse in St. Augustine, Florida.

If you have been to St. Augustine then you have probably seen the towering lighthouse with its black and white stripes wrapping the length of its structure. It was built in 1874 with live-in quarters built just a few years later. The ghost stories for the lighthouse are as old as the structure itself. During the construction of the lighthouse in 1873, two daughters of the foreman drowned while playing around the site. Many people have heard the girls laughing and playing throughout the tower, especially at night. Some have even claimed to have seen their apparition near the water where they perished.

Other tragedies have also occurred at this historic lighthouse. Lightkeeper, Joseph Andreu, was painting the lighthouse when he fell to his death well over a hundred years ago. Orbs, the scent of cigars, shadows and unexplainable sounds have also been reported by visitors. To this day, his apparition is said to have appeared to many visitors as he looks over the edge from the top.

The St. Augustine lighthouse has been featured on paranormal investigation shows and in magazines for decades. It’s worth checking out if you’re visiting the area. There are several ghost tours in the area that will show you around the haunted locations in St. Augustine, but I do believe that the lighthouse and museum owners also have a ghost tour focusing just on the lighthouse itself.

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