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Independence Mine: Palmer, Alaska

Independence Mine was a gold mine dating back to the late 1890’s in Palmer, Alaska. The mine was open all the way until 1950 when it shut its doors for good after over a half century of operation. The location was a bit remote back in those days, add to that the invention of newer technologies and demand changes and the mine was just no longer needed.

As is often the case, snow made operations at the mine more treacherous. In 1898, large amounts of snow fell, even for Alaska standards, leading to an avalanche that killed more than 60 workers at the Independence Mine. In addition to weather related deaths, the work of a miner itself was dangerous, and many were killed in day-to-day operations.

Since its doors closed in 1950, the mine has now become a state historic park where visitors come to explore trails and the history left behind by the miners before them. As far as paranormal activity goes within the mine, it is considered very active. Possibly the most active location in all of Alaska. There have been reports of apparitions, orbs, disembodied voices, and feelings of being touched. Many a visitor have claimed to feel as if they are not alone, describing the feeling as if being followed even though no one else is ever around.

Photo by: John Pennell


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