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Central State Hospital: Indiana

Built in 1848, Central State Hospital, or Central Indiana Hospital for the Insane as it was originally called, was a mental hospital located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Though it opened with just 5 patients, by the 1920's there were over 3,000 patients in the hospital with various conditions. It operated for almost 150 years, closing down in the 1990's.

As we see with a lot of hospitals for mentally ill people during the 19th, and especially the first half of the 20th century, patients were often mistreated. In a lot of situations horribly. Not only were they abused but they were often in overcrowded situations that were usually less than sanitary. In terms of abuse, it was both mental and physical. This led to angry, lost souls who are said to still haunt the old hospital to this day.

Apparitions of patients are often seen. Door slam shut with no source. Disembodied voices, moans and loud screams have been heard. Shadows seems to move o their own, a lot of times in the shape of a human no one can see. Bright floating orbs and strange mists have also manifested in front of unsuspecting visitors.

The building today is not in great condition but it does still stand. It is an eerie presence standing tall and ominous.

Photo By: Jonathan Weiss


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