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The Circular Graveyard of Charleston

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Charleston, South Carolina is one of the United States oldest cities. It has a rich history and plenty of hauntings abound. While there are many haunted locations we could check out in this beautiful city, today we are going to explore The Circular Graveyard.

The Circular Graveyard was formed in the late 1600’s, making it one of the oldest cemeteries in Charleston. It is the final resting place of people from all walks of life including many Revolutionary War soldiers. The cemetery has endured battles (a cannon ball once hit it during the Revolution), hurricanes and time itself, but still it stands today.

Ghostly experiences in the cemetery date way back to at least the 1780’s. Experiences include apparitions of some of the resident Revolutionary Soldier’s, who like to make their rounds nighty. One in particular loves to be seen by visitor’s on tour. He is seen quite often by tour guides and visitors alike. It seems as though when he wants to be seen, he will make sure you see him. Other experiences include the feeling of being touched, unexplained chills, shadows moving and many orbs.

Several ghost tours in Charleston have the Circular Graveyard as one of their stops. I learned firsthand from one of these tours just how great the paranormal activity in this city is. Many of the paranormal experiences that have been reported occur on these tours, so I do believe one of them is worth checking out the next time you’re in Charleston!


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