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The Indiana Dunes Lakeshore

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

The Indiana Dunes surround much of Northwest Indiana’s hold on Lake Michigan. It’s a popular destination for many outdoor enthusiasts from hikers to beach goers. Lake Michigan and its dunes have a very long history, it’s thousands of years old (if not older). There have been shipwrecks, battles and other tragic events on or close to the shores of the dunes in the past 200 years alone. The portion of the lake that we are focusing on today is near Chesterton, Indiana at the Indiana Dunes National Park.

Hauntings surrounding the Dunes Park usually include the famous “lady in white.” Locals call her “Diana of the Dunes.” She was a famous hermit who left her life in Chicago for a simpler life on the shores of Lake Michigan. Her name was Alice Gray, a graduate of the University of Chicago. In the nineteen teens, Alice moved to the Dunes where she lived in an old shack. She was soon dubbed by locals as “Diana of the Dunes” becoming frequently featured in local newspapers. She died in 1925, some say due to abuse from her longtime partner Paul Wilson though the story changes depending on who is telling it.

Today, there have been many sightings of the lady in white since Alice’s death. Reports range from a glowing apparition walking along the beach to a spectral lady swimming naked in the waters of Lake Michigan.

The tragedy of the Dunes does not stop with Alice’s story. A Fort named Le Petit was located there hundreds of years ago. In 1780, it was the site of a small battle between American and British forces, along with their Native American allies, during the American Revolution. The battle resulted in the deaths of four men. Though the fort is no longer standing, some say the spirits of the fallen still roam the area. Orbs, and spectral visions are not uncommon of this area.

Of course the tragedies don't end there. In 1911, a ship called J.D. Marshall sank about a half a mile off of the coast. Four men sadly died due to the shipwreck. Are their spirits still hanging out around the ship that remains 30 feet below the surface of Lake Michigan?

I have attached a video of the area so you can become get a feel for the Dunes and where the hauntings are supposed to be found.

Have you ever met one of the Dunes resident spirits? Let me know, I’d love to hear your experience!


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