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Perryville Battlefield: Kentucky

The Battle of Perryville was a wicked Civil War battle that took place in October of 1862. It's often overlooked, but the fighting at the Battle of Perryville was fierce, resulting in over 7,500 casualties in less than a day. Indiana's 22nd regiment took a big hit at the Dixieland Crossing which is also known as the "slaughter pen." In this portion of the battle, more than half of the 22nd was wiped out by the horrific fighting. It would go on to be considered one of the worst losses by any regiment in any battle during the Civil War.

Following the battle, it was determined that the Confederates had just barely squeaked out a victory with both sides experiencing heavy losses. With two and a half years left and some of the biggest battles in American military history yet to be fought in the Civil War, Perryville tends to not be as well known today. The battlefield is now mostly preserved, thanks in part to the efforts of the American Battlefield Trust. Now visitors can come and explore the land the battle was fought on and even experience multiple paranormal hot spots at the location.

With it being a high casualty battle, it is pretty much a given that there will be some sort of paranormal activity. Phantom cannon and rifle fire have been heard frequently on the battlefield as have the cries of the wounded and dying. The apparitions of soldiers have been seen on the battlefield roaming aimlessly about. Orbs have been spotted in many pictures, and positive EVP have also been recorded by professional and amateur paranormal investigators alike.

Perryville Battlefield is an excellent place to visit in hopes of spotting a ghost or two. You can even pay to investigate after hours if you are up to the challenge. I'll be doing just that soon, so be sure to follow along on my Instagram (link below) for pictures and videos of the investigation!


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