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Key West Cemetery: Florida

Key West Cemetery spans over 19 acres and is said to have roughly 100,000 buried on its grounds. In 1847, the Key West Cemetery was urgently formed near the spot of a former cemetery. A hurricane had just passed through which resulted in quite a bit of damage to the previous cemetery by unearthing bodies that had been buried there along with any markers attributed to them.

Among the dead buried here are at least 2 dozen of the sailors killed on the U.S.S. Maine in 1898. The ship was in Havana Harbor when it was blown up, killing about 260 US sailors.

The cemetery is known to be home to some humors headstone epitaphs as well. Among the best are: "I told you I was sick" (B.P. Roberts Headstone) or Gloria M. Russel's "I'm Just Resting My Eyes."

What many people do not know is that it is also home to quite a bit of paranormal activity. Key West Cemetery has several resident ghosts within its grounds. One is the ghost of a woman who gets angry rather quickly with disrespectful visitors. She makes herself known by showing herself to unsuspecting guests, scaring them into leaving the cemetery.

There is also a little girl who tends to hangout around her grave. She dances and plays throughout the day and night. Some visitors have actually seen her apparition while many others have heard her talking and playing.

Other paranormal interactions in the cemetery include: strange mists, cold spots, feelings of being touched, orbs appearing in photos, and human like shadows slowly moving throughout the grounds.

If you are interested in visiting the cemetery, several tours take place throughout the year.


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