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Heceta Head Lighthouse

On the coast of Florence, Oregon sits Heceta Head Lighthouse. It dates back to the late 1800's where it has guided ships ever since. Today, the house is now a bed and breakfast where visitors can enjoy the salt air and views of the Pacific. What some don't expect to see, however, is a ghost. The ghost is said to be the spirit of the former lighthouse keepers wife. Sadly, when she and her family lived at the lighthouse, many years ago, one of her children drowned. Her ghost has been seen around the property in a state of mourning, searching for her child. It is an incredibly tragic story.

Visitors have reported seeing the apparition of the late light-keeper's wife, feelings of cold spots, strange footsteps and orbs.

It seems like a great place to stay if you are ever in the area. My cousin lives nearby and gave me all the info on the lighthouse. His story was so interesting that I can't wait to visit and check it out for myself!

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