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Grand Central Terminal

New York, New York is an amazing place with an amazing history. It also has many haunted locations. One of those locations is Grand Central Terminal located at 42nd and Park Avenue in Manhattan's Midtown area.

Opening in the nineteen teens, Grand Central has a long history of passengers passing through its doors. For over a hundred years, countless trains have arrived and departed at the terminal carrying millions of passengers since its inception.

With the millions upon millions of people that come to the station every year, it is hard to notice when a ghost is near. As it turns out, several are actually still hanging around however.

Phantom trains, with their ghostly passengers, are sometimes seen in the subway tunnels riding along as if it were a normal scene. I immediately think of that scene in the second Ghost Busters movie. The ghost trains appear to be a residual haunting, which is basically an imprint in time, like a movie that plays over and over again.

A spectral dog can also be seen wandering the terminals every so often. The ghostly pup was said to be FDR's pet named Fala, who used to accompany him on his private train. FDR's train made stops at Grand Central Terminal quite often on those trips when Fala accompanied. After hours workers and guests have reported seeing Fala for years, usually only late at night or in the wee hours of the morning.

As far a haunted places go, it would certainly be hard to catch any paranormal activity, but it would certainly be an iconic place to visit.


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